In 2017 we launched a campaign with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to help us with the transport cost of moving our new press, and purchasing some core studio materials.

Grey Hand Press would like to extend our gratitude to the following people:

Edward Hambly, Rosie Parker, Krista Profitt, Lyn Smith, Fiona Kurnadi, Harry Margalit, Cathy and James Walker, Wendy Fry, Kristen Wehlow, Michelle Wild, Teresa Jordan, Thomas Oliver, Sue Hillhouse, Zachary Turton, Cielle van Vuuren, Julie Bellavance, Thallon Mole Group, Jude Roberts, Ellie Anderson, Kay Watanabe, Lisa Lofgren, Shilo Engelbreght, Jeanette Stok, Lisa and Dennis Cook, Colin Sakinofsky, Stephanie Turnbull, Pat Tripp, Adam Tripp, Kelly Bollis, Derek Butterfield, The Husband Family, The Hagen-Bartilson Family