The two traditional models for collaborative printing projects are publishing and contract printing. In publishing projects,  a studio will invite artists to create a new edition of original prints. The studio covers all costs and in exchange, retains half of the final prints for sale and exhibition. The artist retains the other half of the edition for their own sale, distribution or exhibition. Contract printing (or 'custom' printing) is typically initiated by an artist who approaches the studio with the desire to create a series of prints in their chosen print medium. In this case, the studio only keeps a few of the prints for their own collection and exhibition, and the artist receives the entire edition.

Working with a collaborative print studio has benefits for many types of artists - printmakers and non-printmakers alike. Artists who work in other mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, design and digital media are able to produce work in a new medium guided by the expertise of the studio printers. Many artists who are already experienced printmakers themselves will often approach an editioning studio to create a suite of work in a print medium outside of their current oeuvre. This allows artists to create work in an exciting new medium, without the expense or inconvenience of learning the method themselves.