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Learn to Dye! Playing with Indigo (with Tawny Threads)

Come along during the school holidays and learn to create magical patterns on fabric with all natural indigo dye! This 60 minute class will introduce the students to the wonders of indigo dye and show them how to fold and twist their fabric to produce one of a kind textiles.

All folding materials are provided, including some cotton fabric to play with. Students are encouraged to bring along an item of clothing (white or light coloured, cotton or other natural fibre only, prewashed if possible) so they can create a masterpiece for their wardrobe!

This workshop is suitable for ages 5-12.

PLEASE NOTE: this class can be messy, so please ensure that your kids are wearing old clothes, or something that you don't mind getting splashed with blue dye.

Date: Thursday 18 April 2019, 09:30am — 11:00am

Location: Grey Hand Press, 28/16 Crockford Street, Northgate

Cost: $30, Book tickets here!